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Welcome to our new volunteers from Turkey: Meet Deniz, Senem, Enes and Eren

Four young and ambitious volunteers from Turkey made our family bigger these days. Volunteers Center Skopje in the next two months will host Deniz, Senem, Enеs and Eren. They will work in the magazine “Voices”, also helping in the Daycare Centre for street children in Shuto Orizari, will follow the whole process of work in VCS, and of course they will have time to enjoy in Macedonia, meet the local culture and customs. In addition, read how they describe themselves.

Senem Yildiz

Hello! I’m Senem, 21, I live in Antalya. I study psychology at Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University and I have 2 semesters to graduate. Psychology strengthened my communication skill. I love to listen and talk. I research on child psychology. I love playing with children and being beneficial to them. I go to nursing home once a month and read to the elderly. Except those; I do many social activites, I love animals and nature. I have camped many times. I do taekwondo professionally and voleyball. I like dancing and listening to music etc…

This is my first volunteering project, I have never been on one before. This is my first experience and I want to learn a lot, teach, help. My father is youth and sports manager in Antalya. Thanks to my father, I learned to spend time with young people, children and old people. My dad is a very strong man and I am taking him as an example.

I’m in a different country, different culture now. I eat different foods, I meet new people. During the project, I except that I will improve my English and also many other skills. Everyone here is friendly and I hope that this two months will be unforgettable for me.

Deniz Kotanci

Merhabalar! I’m Deniz Kotanci, 25, from Kars. My bachelor’s graduation is from Ordu Public University in the department of English Language and Literature and in the same department of Karabuk University, I have graduated from master program. I have desire to help people without expectations, to learn new cultures and lifestyles, and to touch people’s lives using art and especially literature. I’m passionate about reading, watching theatre, writing articles and poetry, criticizing literary works and sharing these with people to be useful. All in my life I have tried to learn something new and to discover the life leaving from my comfort zone. People can learn better when they experience and feel “the life”. I had a chance to be a volunteer in LIDOSK organization and I felt myself as useful for our world, nature, and people. When I have participated ESC projects such as discrimination, refugee’s rights, and protection of Caretta caretta, I noticed that it is possible to be useful and help not only people but also animals without expectations thanks to ESC projects. An opportunity to be a volunteer in Volunteers Centre Skopje is an excellent chance for me to learn new ways of delivering volunteer work. Because I have a chance to learn Macedonian culture, customs, designing magazines, improving your creativity to write some articles, learning youth works, sharing my ideas, and supporting locals, especially children.

Enes Kardas

Hello. My Name Is Enes, 29 years old, I come from Antalya, the tourism city of Turkey.

In my life in Antalya, I met with Lykia Scouting and Nature Sports Club Association and I have become a social/youth worker increasing my interest in social topics, including social responsibility projects, associations and exchange projects. And being a volunteer member of this community, has certainly influenced me on many subjects such as teamwork, sociology, leadership, self-development, and intercultural dialogue. Reaching people, understanding them, and making them happy are some of my interests.

I wanted to participate in such an ESC project since I heard about ESC. I am now in Macedonia, I will be in VCS for two short months and I want to improve myself in this project, learn about new cultures, reach more people, shoot a vlog related to Macedonian culture and promote Macedonian culture in Turkey.

I have chosen VCS because I love to design magazines, take pictures and videos. Thanks to VCS, I have the chance to be able to discover a country, culture, people and promote the culture and customs by taking pictures and videos. In addition, I would like to improve my English skills here with the amazing VCS crew. The people from the VCS organization are really helpful, friendly and sympathetic. They respect you and if you are not so good at languages and you are shy, they help you every time using pictures and gestures. They make me feel comfortable here.

Eren Ibrahim

My name is Eren, I am 20 years old. I live in Antalya. I am student at Antalya Bilim University. My department is Interior Architecture. I like unusual ?n house designs. I like to learn by speaking different languages in different countries because the part I read is English. I think learning a language other than the language you speak will be better with social life outside of the lesson.

When I get into a different environment, I look timid at first, but once I meet I can turn into a very friendly person. I like to know new culture and people. I’m interested in seeing space design by visiting different places.

This is my first volunteering project, I’ve been to Poland and Italy before with the comenius Project. My goal in such projects is to learn languages and help people. Making friends from different nationalities makes me happy. I want to have a story to tell in the future by participating in such projects and traveling.