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Welcome to Annika from Finland

Hello, I am Annika, I came from Helsinki, Finland and I will stay in Skopje for two months in VCS. After graduating last spring and having time for something new in my life, I decided to go for the opportunity of volunteering. I’m working in the field of documentary photography and photojournalism. During the volunteering period I wish to meet interesting people and learn about this country. I’d love to travel around Macedonia and the Balkans as much as possible.

Other than photography I like climbing in high places and running in the woods. As much as I enjoy nature, I’m also curious about Skopje city life. Just ask me and I’ll go dancing with you!

Since I rather dream than expect things, I wish to have a fun time with new people and gain new experiences. As a job opportunity, I wish to expand my field of profession to teaching workshops and towards more self-directed working in photojournalism with more international experience.

Annika Pitkänen