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Welcome to Aleksandra, our new volunteer from Poland

Cześć! My name is Aleksandra, but everybody calls me Ola – and yes, I know it doesn’t make sense (for me either).
I am a 28-year old hermit and animal lover. I’m addicted to tea. I come from Poland, where Burek is a dog’s name, not a dish.

To paraphrase one of my favourites memes: life has been a tornado, and I’ve been just a cow being spun around for cinematic value. I was just a side character in my own life, cursed in a vicious circle of not making any decisions at all because I was too frightened to move. Too many years I wasted trying to fit in the scheme, which obviously wasn’t meant for me. Deep down, something was burning inside me; I felt crushed by people’s expectations and an outdated education system. Since then, my life has been full of self-loathing and sadness, but anger was at the bottom of it.

Not so long ago, I quit a mundane job and decided to completely reorganize my life. After a tiring and long visa process, I am finally in Macedonia. A little bit confused, a little bit curious. Everything is new to me. Fun fact – I saw the call two years ago but didn’t dare to apply. But now, despite shyness and impostor syndrome, I decided to hear my inner voice. I am coming here without any expectations. I will try to go with the flow, and maybe together with other volunteers, we will create something unforgettable.

Aleksandra Kanasiuk