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VOICES March 2022

Hello everyone, in the women’s month and spring. Warm days are coming!

This month is extraordinary for women, especially March 8, when we celebrate their day, and we should say a special “thank you” for all the female achievements in society. Also, let’s not forget about the fight for gender equality. In the month’s topic, you can find out about more environmentally friendly products that can be used during the menstrual period and be reused more than once. You can also find out how the pressure on women for sex is insufficient for both parties.

Are you tired of eating the same foods over and over again? After a fantastic interview with Stefan – such days will be a thing of the past. One interview was not enough. In this issue of VOICES, we have a total of three. One is about a volunteer in an NGO that beautifies the daily lives of children with cancer, and the other is about two women who explain what benefits horses can have in people’s lives.

Spring brings good weather, which means it’s time to exercise outdoors, and you may find yourself in the article on “new” sports. Good music always goes with sports. Find out why Taylor Swift is changing the music industry.

José Rodrigues

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