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Welcome Tanguy, the new volunteer from France!

Bonjour, Hello, Zdravo!

Let’s introduce myself: I’m 20 years old, I come from France, from one of the biggest city in France – Lille! It’s a very nice city and I spent good time there since my birth!

I just graduated from my Bachelor’s degree in Sciences in Audiovisual and Media Technology. I enjoyed going to University, but I really needed to take a break to see other things than my classic environment and to do new activities. In my opinion, it was the perfect moment to take this break and discover a new country, new ways of life… So that’s why today I’m doing a French Civil Service here in VCS, for 9 months!

During my free time I love to play guitar (I’ve been playing music since I was 7 years old!), to listen to music at home or more at the concert and festival ! I also love travelling and being surprised by the world in which we are living. As far as I’m concerned, Macedonia is full of resources and I’m impatient to discover this country!

In conclusion, what are my expectations coming here in VCS: to do my best, to be useful in Shutka, in all the activities and to have a lot of amazing meetings. I want to be able to describe honestly the small country that is Macedonia to French people when I’ll be back, because for a lot of French Macedonia is just a salad.

Tanguy Payet