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Welcome Kirsi, our new volunteer from Finland!

Hello! I’m Kirsi and I come from Helsinki, Finland. I’m 22 years old curious girl and I want to explore the world!

I’m really down to earth type of a person. I have passion for good music, dancing and basically any new information. I’m also interested in the well-being of body and mind and moreover science stuff like astronomy, biology and physics. In Finland I did a double degree, I graduated from high school and to be a practical nurse. I worked for three years in one organisation’s daily centers which were communal meeting places of a low threshold that provided veritale help for homeless people and for people who were struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues.

But three years in that field is a long time and, as much as I loved that work, I wanted to start doing something else. Then last summer I came to Macedonia for vacation and I heard that I had a possibility to become a part of the VCS. So I went home and thought about this and decided to seize an opportunity. Now I can’t wait to start brainstorming and implement ideas. I like not only receiving knowledge, because the best part in learning is when you can share your information with the others. So I think I will really enjoy this one year volunteering in VCS!

Kirsi Suomi