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Looking a volunteer for Turkey!

We are looking for one volunteer from Macedonia to volunteer for the project “Volunteering with SG”. 

Place: Ankara, Turkey

Dates: 06.01. – 06.03.2020

About the project:

This project “Volunteering with S&G” will host volunteers in Turkey. The objective is to include young people that  are not employed, educated or trained as volunteers in this project, so that they will be empowered for a better inclusion in their communities back home, as during their volunteering experience they will develop and improve a range of skills and competences that they will use in their future work, career and personal life.

Typical tasks for volunteers:

– Eurodesk info point in Ankara

– Playing the game The Journey Istanbul to schools, universities, youth centers

– Language courses

– Preparing activities for youngsters in Kecioren Youth Center and Yunus Emre Kultur Merkezi in Kecioren

– Making round tables with local youngsters and exchanging cultures

– Preparing /Designing/ Translating content for youth magazine

The project covers pocket and food money, travel costs, accommodation and insurance. If you got interested, you can find more information from the info-pack: VOLUNTEERING PROJECT (1)

Send us motivation letter answering to the following questions:

Who are you? How old are you? Why do you want to participate?

…and CV (in English) to:

Application deadline 27.11.2019