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Welcome Ibrahim from Türkiye!

Hello, I’m Ibrahim. I’m 21 and I was born in Sirnak, Türkiye. I currently live-in the energy of Istanbul. I’m a 3rd year student at Trakya University in the department of customs management. I had the chance to join UNICEF and some SCO (civil society organisations) and these experiences are very valuable to me.

I believe in the power of social assistance and solidarity in human life and I adopt these values as the basic principle in my life. At the same time, I take an active role in youth associations. Organized in Lyon, France, I attended the ESC humanitarian training and this experience impressed me very much. My passion for nature and green shapes my life.

In the future, I am to do large-scale projects in the field of nature and social assistance as well as to join a large institution such as UNICEF.

My favorite things are walking, traveling and it includes having coffee and books with me. My goals are taking part in bigger projects, developing my skills and inspiring people with my art. Not only work but also collecting and sharing memories is important for me in life.

İbrahim Pütrü

Ibrahim will be in VCS for the next 2 months, and we believe that this experience will bring him closer to his goal.

Sending organization: EU Activities Center (Türkiye)