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Welcome Fahim, our new volunteer from France!

Hello everyone, my name is Fahim, I’m 21 years old, and I’m from France! More specifically, I come from the sunny South of France, between the cities of Nice and Marseille. I am currently a political science student, finishing up my bachelor’s degree. Recently, I spent a few months in Norway as part of a university exchange program where I studied sociology and economics. There, I discovered the unique charm of the Nordic countries and it inspired me to explore other horizons.

That’s why I decided to come to Macedonia to immerse myself in its beautiful landscapes and gain new experiences. This country is a true hidden gem, and during the four months of my stay here, I hope to learn more about the local culture, traditions, and customs. Who knows, maybe this country will capture my heart.

During my stay, my main activity will be writing for Voices Magazine. This project is particularly close to my heart because I love writing for independent newspapers, and the freedom offered by the subjects to cover is vast. This will allow me to explore different themes and share my discoveries with readers. I’m eager to write my first articles and take you on a journey through my words!

Fahim Bounoua