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VOICES May 2023

May…May is the shortest month of the year with its three letters but May is the beginning of sunshine and birds singing. It is the month of celebrating Labour Day and the hard work that everyone is doing throughout the year. May is a happy month, people are gathering around for a drink in the park and look forward to the arrival of summer. Even if the weather is not the warmest, in May, people have warm hearts.

In May we also start the preparations for summer holidays! Which destination, which way? The more usual way is the plane, but do you know how the plane functions? It’s much more than a question of gravity. Also, If we talk about traveling, why not just take your backpack and explore different countries, not as a tourist but as a local person and try to workaway? Another way to travel? Studying abroad for a semester or even more can be an enriching experience. During your trip, you will leave your comfort zone if you are going abroad, in a country with a different culture, and different habits. This could be an opportunity to discover your true self. Travel allows you to meet new people and perhaps even love! Do you know what is love? There is a real scientific theory behind it. Traveling may not be your cup of tea…If it is not, then let’s travel into music through your TV together with upcoming Eurovision!
All these topics are approached in this May edition of Voices and are waiting for one thing: to be read! So let’s continue spring with some nice reading about culture, science, environment, and some poetry to relax and chill before the summertime madness!

Camélia Sghayare