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Welcome Angi, our new volunteer from Germany

Hello there! I’m Angelina, 19 years old and from Constance, Germany.

By accident I discovered the whole world of Erasmus+ projects last summer. Before I knew what happened, I participated in my first youth exchange, where I met super-duper nice people from Macedonia, who made me really curious about their home country.

A few coincidences later I found myself applying for this position at VCS, going through the most confusing Visa process ever and some chaotic first days in Skopje. (But I was still welcomed very warmly, and I feel pretty comfortable here already!)

This will be an amazing experience I will most likely remember for the rest of my life! I am very excited to learn about Macedonian culture, language, the people annnnnd of course the food!

Besides food I also love penguins, reading, autumn, photography, sombreros, painting and basically every kind of movie/tv show/anime. I get excited about the most random stuff sometimes. 🙂

So, we’ll see what kind of wonderful memories will be waiting for me in the next year!

See ya!

Angelina Berndt