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We are part of TWOST: Project against stereotypes

Association for volunteerism Volunteers Centre Skopje is a part of the project: Training without stereotypes (TWOST), financed by the Italian National agency “Erasmus+” through the KA2 programme. It’s a project that lasts from September 2019 until February 2021 and is aimed at preventing gender-based discrimination towards youth. The project addresses in particular cross-sectorial cooperation, allowing for greater synergies across all fields of actions concerning young people, with a special focus on access to rights, autonomy, (e)participation and the active citizenship of young people, avoiding gender self-segregation phenomena and promoting common values of mutual respect between genders and without prejudice to their sexuality.

Social inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities is the main connecting point of this project with the realities of young people with fewer opportunities around Europe. One of the main obstacles for social inclusion are stereotypes. In the field of academia, stereotyping is an important concept in contemporary sociology and social psychology. The target groups of this project are youth workers, young people victims of stereotypes based and gender-based violence, young people with fewer opportunities, young women, young people with a migrant background, asylum-seekers, refugees, LGBTIQ persons, ethnic minorities (including Roma people), women with disabilities, women living and/or working on the street.

The overall goal of the project is to strengthen the prevention and support of the fight against stereotypes and gender violence among young people in Europe through piloting of digital innovative resources and inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities.

Leaders of the project are Centro Studi Cultura Sviluppo Associazione (CSCS) from Italy. Other partners of the project, except VCS, are Asteri (Greece), Associacao Animam Viventem (Portugal), Xeracion (Spain), Club Basquet Granollers (Spain) and Centro Giovanile di formazione sportive associazione sportive dilettantistica (CGFS) from Italy.

We invite all relevant factors to join us in the further part of the project in order to raise awareness regarding this issue.