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Warm welcome to Camélia from France!

Hello, My name is Camélia, I’m 21 and I come from Lille, France. I joined VCS for 9 months for a Civic Service. After I finished my bachelor in communication I wanted to take a break before my master’s. Becoming a volunteer in VCS was really important for me because I wanted to be useful during my one-year break. It makes sense also for me to do my volunteering in another country to discover a different culture and way of work and new people of different nationalities! It’s the first time that I leave France for a long period and I live «alone», so I’m very excited about this new experience.

In VCS I will have two principal tasks: participate in the project of Voices Magazine and work in the Daycare centre for street children. I’m happy to have these two tasks because it allows me to work in two fields that I’m interested at: journalism and social work. In fact, for 5 years I participated in France at a volunteering media, I discovered a new passion: broadcast information to all people and practice all types of medias like radio, videos or writing. I was also involved in France in an association that works for inclusion and accessibility of people with disabilities which made me want to work in social structure.

In my free time I like sharing moments with my family and friends, listening to music but especially eating… I’m a food lover! I’m hurrying to discover Macedonia, its landscapes, its culture and to meet people who live here. I hope also to travel around Macedonia and to explore different countries and become a real globetrotter!

During this year I hope to grow up within my professional but also personal competences. I will do my best to be a good volunteer and I think that I will live a wonderful experience in VCS.

Camélia Sghayare