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VOICES October 2020

Hello again,

Greetings from downtown Skopje! Back in 2003, the talented composer Matthew Bellamy from Cambridge wrote “Our time is running out”. For this October edition, we invite you to think of the time in its wide meaning with us and our cross-border fellowship of writers. Angela brilliantly highlights the fascinating nature of seasons: familiar in their endless renewals on the one hand, but also beautifully unique with distinctive features year after year on the other hand. Little details may be quite important in shaping your memories, don’t you think?

Ana-Marija first takes you far away in an in-depth journey into the talent of painting to shake conventions and bring new ideas in our societies. Then, she provides you with a nice text dealing with science. And of course, what would be Voices without Dafina’s poetry?

Autumn is the time of year when pupils are supposed to go back to school. How is the worldwide challenge reshaping teaching methods? Also, our teammate Josip happily shares his experience within Volunteers Centre Skopje. Will you be the next one? In the meantime, Doğukan enlightens us about a regional initiative tackling environment, while Kirsi shares with us her Finnish quarantine story.

Finally, let’s not forget about the thorny fate experienced by sailors across the world and the seven seas. We hope you will have a good time reading this edition of Voices, see you around!

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