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VOICES May 2020

Home is strongly connected with safety and peace. Either you will call a home your family house, your favourite place that got your heart from the beginning, your country or the whole world. There are many definitions. But it should always mean that at home you’re safe and peaceful. Everyday now you probably hear the world’s most common motto of the last few weeks: “Stay home”. The question is if people can still find it so safe and peaceful, the moment we have so much time to overthink and analyze the situation outside? Yes. Where the doubts raise, there comes a hope. And hope is more powerful than any fears you may experience.

Suddenly May came and we have this feeling that the hopes raised even bigger. Heartwarming thing is that people didn’t forget the smile. In this new edition of “Voices” you can read an interview with a man working in the Center for Public Health in Skopje – true hero with a big smile. If you ever wondered how you can contribute to make the world better place, check the volunteers’ stories and maybe in the future you would like to become one. Volunteering brings us to another topic – gratitude. Surely, you can find daily at least one reason to be grateful. World is still wonderful. For this moment you can discover the beauty of useless pleasures or travel by trains through the world of “Voices”. Be positive and read more!