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VOICES May 2017

Summer is reaching out, trying to warm it up the Balkans, and we, the voluteers of VCS are again presenting you a brand new edition of VOICES megazine. There was a lot of traveling and discovering this past month and we are more then happy to share all the exciting detailswith you.
You will find four articles about different cities of the world: Belgrade, Sarajevo, Dubrovnik and Mersin. Our volunteers know the cities personally and gathered the best pointers for all the travelers. Also we havebdescription of two awesome training courses that happened in April so that you can see and consider going to one of those yourself.;)
We all also hope that you‘ll like our other articles about science, culture, career and health that we prepared for you this month. You can learn at least few new aspects of these topics if you open the VOICES right now.:)