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VOICES March 2021

As VCS is turning 15 years old, we are celebrating all the people that were inspired to grow in that time. But let’s be more specific! What is VCS all about? For me, it’s all about change and joy through small actions. Sure, volunteers are leaving their comfort zone behind to have new beginnings in unknown places – more change is barely possible. Yet the way I figure it out, the beauty of those journeys is found in the small daily joys. In Kisela Voda, we are excitingly welcoming spring and different volunteers in our family. The new cats in the neighborhood are amusing us, friends are stopping by at our office and I don’t remember the last time I was stressed or in need of a calendar. The change in our attitude starts with more awareness. So let’s be joyful about more sunny days, coffee in the morning and of course the newest edition of our VOICES magazine.

Clarissa Leute

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