You are currently viewing Meet Antonia, the first ESC volunteer in Zlatan Sremac!

Meet Antonia, the first ESC volunteer in Zlatan Sremac!

In cooperation with VCS and Zlatan Sremac, Antonia came to volunteer in frames of ESC Erasmus+ program.

„If you want to fly, give up everything that weights you down“. Well, apparently I took this quote literal because four days ago I found myself in a new country and started a new chapter in here.

I never thought that I, Antonia, an 18 year old girl from Germany would overcome my fear of sitting in a plane and move to a country I barely knew anything about. But here I am and I feel like I am experiencing one of the happiest times of my life. After graduation high school I wasn’t really sure about my plans for the future and each day that passed by, I felt more clueless and worthless.

But I always had three core principles:

  1. I want to make a change.
  2. I want to help wherever help is needed.
  3. I want people to be happy and to live their best life.

Maybe it was fate but suddenly I stumbled upon a project in Macedonia where I can work in an elementary school for children with different disabilities. I immediately knew that I was meant to be there.

I have been in Macedonia for four days now and it already feels like a home. First it was kind of overwhelming, but it’s an amazing country with kind-hearted people. It is simply wonderful to live in a place where people still take time for each other and appreciate the smallest things.

New challenges make life more interesting and overcoming them is what makes someone grow. I am convinced that this is going to be a life-changing year with plenty of new insights, friends that become a family and a work place that turns to a „source of happiness“. Everyone seems special in their own way here. This year I am going to follow my destination and experience a special kind of joy.

Antonia Barth