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Voices June 2023

“What time is it? Summertime!” Let’s kick off the summer with the month of June, which symbolizes beauty in all its forms, from spring’s flowers to the sunlight heralding the arrival of summer. And what could be more splendid than starting the season with long nights, breathtaking sunsets on the beach, or a warm barbecue with friends on a balmy evening?

The best way to celebrate summer is through music. In this month’s feature topic, delve into the world of “Balkan Rap: A Fusion of Sound and Stories.” Additionally, June marks the beginning of holidays, and if you haven’t planned your vacation yet, you can draw inspiration from Eliza’s travel experiences. Eliza, a Brazilian girl who has journeyed around the globe, shares her insights in the interview titled “Between music and travel – from Brazil to Macedonia”. If you’re yearning to explore other universes, we also have articles on science fiction and the Hudson River School of painting.

Of course, summer calls for sun, but it’s crucial to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. To help you understand this better, we have the perfect article for you: “The Sun – Your Best Friend or enemy?”

In June, special events take place, such as the International Day of the Oceans. If you’re interested in learning how maritime transport utilizes seawater for sustenance, read “FWG: Sea Water into Fresh Water.” We also have ” Cat or dog café for animal lovers” which explores the concept of pet cafés—whether you prefer cats or dogs, these cafés offer a delightful experience.

I wish you enjoyable reading and a great start to the summer!

Chloé Le Cair

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