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VOICES June 2021

We can all agree that time had a different way of behaving during past year, for some it might feel like years; others tell how fast it went through their eyes. What was something that us, humans, social beings found most difficult, is distance from each other. Spring brought up what we were looking for; not to be separated.

You can see the shine in people’s eyes when Eurovision took place with audience of 3500; the celebration might have been bigger than ever even with less people. Ice Hockey world championships took place and the nations got together to compete for the victory, to toast for an event that has been here for 101 years. Pride month is here, the time of paying more attention to human rights for all, to salute the colorful scale of us. Summer is opening for festivals all around the world, music is going to fill our hearts and artists can share the passion that truly drives them.

What is exciting especially in Macedonia this year, is football. It’s an historical event as this is the first time that the team qualified for UEFA Euro, and the streets of Skopje are filled with enthusiasm; the citizens are thrilled, standing together, supporting their team.

It is wonderful to see the unity of people through these events and rising hope of getting back together as humanity. Let’s use that unity to build ourselves a better home, let’s show the gratitude for Earth that it has been longing for ages. We are all getting back out there with million choices. What will you do next?

Selina Niemi