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VOICES July 2020

“Dance is the hidden passion of our soul.”
– Martha Graham

This month dancing is our passion. It’s a wonderful way to express yourself, relieve stress, and forget everything around you. The times of solitude are passing, have you had enough time to take a look at your inner self, reflect your thoughts and dreams, maybe think who you really want to be?

Take a look at what has been happening in Erasmus+ world, seek motivation to have the courage to expand your experiences in the field of volunteering because we care, we act, and so you can, too!

And if this world and planet are not enough, don’t panic. From HERstory, you’ll find out what we have been doing in space and later on, update what the present and future have to offer, followed by interesting thoughts of our modern society and culture. Get to know the World of Anime and the unknown territories of Venice(s).

Enjoy your summer, read VOICES & remember to keep up the Pride!

Download pdf here: VOICES July 2020