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VOICES February 2023

February is the border between winter and spring.” – Terri Guillemets

The time has come to say goodbye to the cold winter and greet spring with open arms! Named after Februus, the ancient god of purification, February is the month for a refreshing spring cleanse. Use the last weeks of long nights to take a look at the stars – if you can see any! Read “a bright world” to find out, why you are looking at a seemingly empty sky. 

With valentine’s day slowly approaching you might find yourself thinking about a valentine’s date. For choosing the right person your gut feeling is essential! If you want to learn more about your gut feeling read “Gut feeling”. Today many of us have some digital help when trying to find a date. Tinder or Bumble, heavily change our way of dating. If you want to learn more about them read “Tinder, good opportunity or risky for our future society ?”. 

Let’s all enjoy the short time we have in February!

Tamina Schulze & Angelina Berndt