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VOICES December 2019

Huh, finally we have the final month of the year and we can say GOODBYE to 2019, taking with us all good memories, learned thoughts of the experience and sharing all of them in a warm atmosphere with our friends, enjoying the beauties and relaxation effects of the essential oils.

YES, the end of the year will be celebrated with a lot of concerts, New Year’s parties for this occasions and we are getting you ready with some tips how to protect your ears on this kind of events. Do not forget to hear some of our old music pieces such as those from Bijelo Dugme.

We can sum up the year checking the effects of the feedback from the people around us.

Sure, in the Balkans we have this tradition of having chilling time in the “kafana” and “Why Europe?” as a hot discussion topic!

Stay tuned, grab our VOICES and share with your friends!

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