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August is here as you can see from the weather and from the new Voices edition!

Are you already getting enough from this sun or are you craving even more? Remember to stay hydrated and enjoy this weather, it’s not lasting forever.

Speaking about hydration, did you know that people in Mexican village consume significantly more Coca-Cola than anywhere else? I hope they remember to brush their teeth!

Also, you can have look at how we carried out one of our many projects No H8 Speech, which has an important message to everyone in this online period.

If you feel worried about prices skyrocketing and you are unsure what is going on in this economical situation, we have an overview regarding inflation which can help you understand it better.

Being in this heat is not easy, but in a matter of time winter is coming. So enjoy this summer, take all out from little things and don’t forget to use sunscreen!

Jasse Heikkilä

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