Volunteers Centre Skopje in this 2018 continues with the good practice as a host organization of an Erasmus+ volunteers. Based on our successful story from 2017 recently we have welcomed our VET interns (Vocational Education and Training program) from Spain that we host again in cooperation with the Spanish association Mundus. Tania, Paula, Denis and Ruben are the new interns that will be working in Macedonian companies to exchange practices and gain new skills during a period of 3 months of their stay in Macedonia.

Tania and Paula are into tourism as they study to obtain their Certificate of higher education. They are enhancing their skills in Arbo travel agency, making new connections, exploring new touristic destinations that this agency provides for the customers. They have already visited new sites in Montenegro, Croatia, Greece and Slovakia. Tania who comes from the city of Teruel in Spain says that for her profession is always good to go out of the comfort zone and explore new cultures and customs as it is a way to personal growth.

-With this opportunity of Erasmus+ I will try to learn and discover everything that Macedonia and the people from here can offer and I`m pretty sure that I have chosen the right destination for that.

Paula comes from Huesca near the French border, a city surrounded by mountains and National Park. As she`s very passionate about traveling, she`s looking forward to obtain her degree and start working in tourism and the internship here in Macedonia is a perfect way to enhance her skills.

-I have already done my first travels with the agency and it was amazing! I really love Macedonia and its incredible places to visit.

Denis is our intern that lives and comes from Zaragoza in Spain. He`s a student in Energy Efficiency and Solar Thermal Energy, majoring electrical engineering. He`s currently in Solarspectar, Macedonian company that perfectly fits his interests and dedication.

-As a Russian citizen residing in Spain I have been always interested in multiculturalism and way of life in other countries. This opportunity will keep me broadening my horizons even more not only professionally but also in communications and leadership skills.

And Ruben Garriga is automotive student, very enthusiastic and dedicated to his profession. He comes from the city of Binefar in Spain and here in Skopje he`s a intern in the  Zlate Benz Service where he found good friends in his work colleagues that taught him the basics of Macedonian language.

-Since I have been working in this field for some time I strongly think that this is great opportunity to continue and gain more professional experience.

The VCS support team is wishing pleasant stay in our country to our interns hoping that they will all meet their expectations, both private and professional and bring back home nice memories worth sharing and remembering.