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Training in sexual and reproductive health – DONE!

In the offices of Volunteers Centre Skopje as part of the international project “Knowledge beats taboos” it was held a training where around 20 youth got education and more information on the sexual and reproductive health.

The training is a part of a project that has multiple events such as trainings of youth workers, study visits, training of youth, peer education, round tables etc. This is the second training of youth that tried to educate and transfer more knowledge on the topic of sexual and reproductive health. The training encompassed information about the Erasmus + programme, sexual transmitted diseases, reproduction and its prevention and a host of other topics. It was created a safe working environment where all of the participants along with the facilitators were able to freely express their opinion and share their views. What follows now are workshops in several high schools in Skopje where some of the participants with the facilitators will share what they have learnt with the high school students. On the training there was a visit from KRIK, a TV show for young people made from young people about things that young people want.

As part of the whole project there is a brochure that is translated in Macedonian and you can find on the following link:

Volunteers Centre Skopje tries to get people to know more about the world around them and get to see it from a different perspective. Topic as sexual and reproductive health is something that for sure youth need more information on. #Knowledgebeatstaboos