Online course, why not?

In the past year Volunteers Centre Skopje was part of a KA2 project financed by the European Union and the Erasmus + programme for capacity building, TrainVol.

In this project the focus was put on what exactly is the field where Volunteers Centre works and that is youth work and volunteering. In TrainVol four partner organizations took part, from four different countries Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cyprus, Greece and of course Macedonia i.e. Volunteers Centre Skopje that was the leading partner. As a result of this project are also the two coordinators, the new team of Volunteers Centre Skopje.

What came out of this project is also an internet platform, a free online course where you can get a certificate after completing it. The platform is available in four languages, Macedonian, English, Bosnian and Greek. On the platform you will find two courses, one for youth workers and another for volunteers. Both courses contain four modules and at the end you have a quiz with 24 questions with multiple choice answers where with 70% correct answers you get the certificate. Each module is divided in special units that contain infomation, videos, stories from volunteers and a lot of useful links.

If you want to find out something more and get a certificate, all you need to do is register with your e-mail and to start the course or both of them.

The online platform you can find on the following link:

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