This June Volunteers Centre Skopje accepted the third generation of interns from Barcelona, Spain in the frame of the VET program (Vocational Education and Training) of the Erasmus+ programme. Our partners, the association Mundus have sent us five interns for hosting to work in intercultural environment, to expand their knowledge and experience in their specific field of vocational education. We said Hello and welcomed Jesus, Yesica, Xenia, Luis and Adrian, five youngsters from Barcelona motivated to explore new places and culture but also to learn new methods and approaches related to their future work engagement. Accompanied by their teacher Daniel in the first week, together with our coordinators we have settled the basics of their stay here, to feel safe and comfortable during this month of their mobility. And of course, a guided tour around to get to know the new environment before introducing them into the companies where they will do their practical work.

Adrian, Xenia and Yesica are in the field of Administrative Management; Luis is our IT guy and Jesus is a student of Marketing and Commercial activities. Here is what they are saying about Skopje:

Jesus: Skopje is a good place to see different culture, with all the pubs and restaurants offering stuff for good price, easy to move through and people understanding you no matter your level of English. There are many places to visit and experience.

Xenia: The first impression of Skopje was not that good as we passed it at night but after few days of living here, I see many good things to experience and never to forget.

Adrian: So far, so good with my experience here. I enjoy walking downtown and in the city parks. I think Macedonians are funny people and know how to enjoy life. I can do everything here that I did back in Spain.

Luis who is passionate about photography is carefully documenting everything new that can capture his eyes. For him Skopje is a city full of contrasts considering the culture, religion, customs and beauty, a city where you can get excellent food, meet new people and learn new skills.

Yesica is a quiet, introvert and creative person that looks forward to learn something new and get the right info. She studies Vocational Education and Training in Administrative Management: “I`m really enthusiastic to learn different concepts and applications that are even more complex in real life but that won`t be an issue for me as I have good memory and I learn fast”.

As for the most of these young people this is their first out-of-the-country experience, we`ll do our best as usual to provide them unforgettable and pleasant stay and work in our organization, to confront with themselves and strengthen their key competences, to experience the Erasmus culture first hand. All of them are future oriented and eager-to-learn persons, with great social skills and communication that give us even bigger challenge to indulge their needs.

Xenia: I have this attitude to learn new things in every field, live together and interact with new people, to create better professional opportunity and I expect no less from this journey.

Yesica: I consider myself as an independent and quiet creative person so I feel responsible to make this big step that offers me a chance for new experience to become one day a person who is remembered for her work.

Adrian: I want to learn new methods, different cultures and life styles, to enrich myself with an experience and skills, to improve as a person with a better vision of the future, interact people with values and make the World better place to live.

Luis: Since I was a child, I was always concerned about the environment and I study methods to stop the global impact we create during our lifetime. I`ve always wanted to travel, come closer with different cultures and the best experiences that can give me.

Jesus: Hello, I`m Jesus Giner and I want to win all the experience that I can get here to prepare myself for the future! Thanks for this unique opportunity!

Well dear students welcome to the big Erasmus family. We are happy to have you here!