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Call for a training course in Plovdiv, Bulgaria!

We are looking for 3 participants from Macedonia for the training course called

“Soft Skills Training for Young NEETs”!


When: 9.8-19.8.2019

Where: Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The project will take place in the Hotel Puldin COOP.

Host: Bulgarian Youth Association


The project’s idea developed from the analyses of needs of 150 young people with whom our youth workers are working, respondent to a quiz applied in the 10 partner NGOs in December 2018; their needs are related to unemployment and development on a personal and professional level to fit in the job market; their responses matched the general statistics on the needs of young people: according to the latest Eurostat figures, the economic crisis has hit the young more than other age group: 5.5 million young people are still unemployed in the EU, the youth unemployment rate in the EU-27 has been around twice as high as the rate for the total population (end 2008), and has dramatically increased over the last four years, at the end of 2012 the youth unemployment rate was 2.6 times the total rate while the total of young people not in employment, education or training, is currently around 14 million in the EU.


The solution all 10 partners reached is a non-formal education program designed for youth workers aiming to develop facilitating and multiplying skills, so to train young people in their communities on the 4 main categories of skills and capabilities needed in the labor market according to Blades (2012): Personal (confidence and self-esteem) Interpersonal (social and communication skills, teamwork,assertiveness) Self-management skills (reliability) Competences in initiative and delivery planning, problem solving, prioritizing).


Requirements for participants:

Each national team will consist of 3 participants, 1 of them will

be a youth worker with fewer opportunities, falling under one of the Erasmus+ disadvantaged categories, yet having, minimum 1 year experience as an instructor/trainer/facilitator/animator of disadvantaged youth.


– A minimum of 3 years of experience in youth work/facilitation/training

– Over 18

– Experience in working with disadvantaged groups

– Member, collaborator or volunteer in the sending NGO

– Level of English will be fluent


Food and accommodation:

– Travel budget allocation per person is 180€

– Fully equipped rooms with private bathrooms will accommodate 3 people in accordance with gender balance

– The breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the hotel

– Expenses for activities, food and accommodation are covered

Deadline for application: 14.7.2019

To apply send a short motivation letter containing answers to the following questions to

  • how old are you?
  • who are you?
  • why do you want to participate?
  • how can you contribute to the project?