“How I changed society” – five young people engaged in solving various problems in the country

Read how our Petar, Marija, Stefanija, Sara and Jana managed to change society. They are part of the project: "European Youth at the frontlines of active citizenship: A Roadmap towards a collective South-North-East-West Momentum", organized by Volunteers Centre Skopje, and supported by the European Commission through the programs Erasmus + and European Youth Together. https://www.radiomof.mk/kako-go-menuvav-opshtestvoto-pet-mladi-lugje-se-angazhiraa-za-razlichni-problemi-vo-drzhavata/?fbclid=IwAR16BsEd_qddrF2QBUgWY9BEhu_lx2gos1AKUFR1kq3ZC1eZBFCHt19atDg#prettyPhoto