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Step by step directly to Skopje: Welcome for Jola from Poland

Hi everyone!

I’m Jolanta from Poland and this is my 6th day in Skopje while writing this introduction. Not so long ago, but what already feels like ages, l was rushing to work in another capital city — Warsaw. I didn’t feel like I was going to continue moving in the right direction, so I decided to rewrite my story and try something new. If you don’t like the story you are in, you have the ability to turn the page, write a completely new chapter, or start an entirely new book. I might sound like a book nerd, but sometimes it can be as simple as that. You are the author of your story. Oh, and I love reading books, so I won’t be offended if you call me a book nerd. Except for books, I enjoy beautiful surroundings, sunrises and delicious food.

Since leaving the nest, I packed my life into bags a couple of times and moved from place to place, city to another city. Now, I am thrilled to be in Macedonia! Macedonia is Skopje, my new home. VCS, my new family. It is a loving and caring place. The mix of new and old, beautiful and eccentric. It is everything that I am still learning about. Being a full-time volunteer for VCS is the next step in my life odyssey. Each journey, each visited place, all the jobs I have held and all people I have met are a new experience, a gigantic dose of knowledge and a roller coaster of emotions. Everyone is extremely supportive and fun in VCS, therefore even if I am uncertain what the future holds, I feel at ease. I expect only the best from being here.

I am aware of the fact that volunteering with VCS within the European Solidarity Corps is a privilege.  I’ll do everything within my power to help the organization and work like crazy if needed. I will also try to learn from people around me as much as possible during my 12-month project. If you made it to the end… I love hearing other peoples’ stories, maybe soon I will have a chance to hear yours.

Lots of hugs and no more ughs!

Jolanta Ciopcińska