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“School meets business”

After the implementation of Module 2 for school coordinators, implemented with physical presence of the participants, Volunteers Centre Skopje organized and implemented the last remaining modules of the project “School meets business”.

In the period between 19-27th of August 2021, the trainings for school coordinators were successfully implemented, trainings meant for the professors of the Macedonian vocational schools countrywide. And again, with these trainings, we included the same 3 groups of participants as before, with total duration of 3 days per group. Once more, we implemented the trainings with physical presence of the participants, respecting all the legal COVID-19 protocols, in the same pleasant ambient of the hotel Continental in Skopje.

These trainings are promoting the school coordinators as a link between the vocational school and the company where the students perform their practical work. It is a part of the project “School meets business” of the Austrian Federal Ministry of education, science and research, in collaboration with the Macedonian Ministry of education and science and the Center for vocational education and Training. This regional project is in coordination of the OEAD agency for education and internationalism from Austria and it includes Kosovo and Albania as well.

Volunteers Centre Skopje as a partner organization through the years is responsible for the local logistical support and implementation of the project in Macedonia.

The project “School meets business”, after the short delay due to the pandemic and the restrictions, successfully enters the final stage and we expect very soon to be wrapped up with the Final event, certifying and promoting the first group of school coordinators that took part so far in the trainings.