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Representative of VCS in Jazak, Serbia: “Save our waters”

Six representatives of Volunteers Centre Skopje took part in youth exchange “Save Our Waters”, happening in Jazak, Serbia in a period of 6-15 September 2019. Gathering 36 young people from 6 countries (beside Macedonia, also Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Lithuania and Romania), this 10-days program improved their knowledge about the importance of water protection, careful consumption and main causes for water shortages around the world. It challenged the youth to change bad habits and strengthen them to advocate water conservation and adequate water management in their local communities.

In Jazak, a small mountain’s village full of potential for development, but without drinkable water in households, participants improved their knowledge about impacts of humans’ everyday activities on water shortages and the level of key competencies and skills for critical thinking and active participation in society. Using non-formal learning methods, the program was created to raise awareness of the importance of preserving water resources and motivate youth to get involved in water conservation and making it reachable for future generations.

As participants came from 6 different countries all around Europe, they learned about other cultures and countries, which offer them the opportunity to build networks of international contacts, pointing out that borders may be separate countries, but rivers connect them. In order to save rivers, it’s crucial to have international cooperation among all countries, and not only neighboring.