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Plastic Fantastic by Anouk Craps

On Sunday 21st of May a group of EVS-volunteers from 3 different countries gathered together to show the local people of Skopje why it is important not to throw garbage on the street and to show how they can use plastic in a very creative way. The volunteers made some interesting clothes and instruments, presenting them on the street from the Madzar Maalo neighborhood to the city park. In the park they presented their recycled instruments, clothes and slogans to some children. The children were reading the slogans “Don’t throw Garbage”, “Don’t destroy the Nature” and “The Trash Can is nearby” and they were enjoying the music. With this small action a lot of people’s attention was reached and many people curiously stopped to watch what was going on. It was a successful action that hopefully will change people’s attitude towards garbage!   Photos by Sofia Sormunen