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PE: Europe Without Boarders

  More about the training course through impressions of the participants. Alican, Turkey
1.  What are your impressions from the training course “Peace Education: Europe without borders”?
My first impression is the diversity it provided. This training course allowed me to experience many different opinions from many different cultures. My second impression is that the approach of the trainers to the ideas of participants is very encouraging and welcoming, which makes the training a participant-based activity.
2.  Why is peace education is so important in the community from which you come?
It is pretty important because peace education provides the people with plenty of ideas and it challenges the perceptions of people. It is a fact that there is no perfect society and we need to challenge what is currently accepted as a norm, or as a form that shapes our lives. Turkey, however, is one of those countries that desperately need some different approaches. I believe that is peace education is turned out to be a common practice in Turkey, the country will benefit it economically, culturally and socially, in terms of having more respectful lives and a better life space for every individual, regardless of their ethnicity and social background.
3. I will remember this training course in Zenica because of…
The fact that it enabled me understand the human nature better and in detail, and also because of the fact that this training showed the discrepancy between the appearance and reality so clearly. I learned that regardless of their appearance, or how modern they seem, people might be narrow-minded, or the opposite. In this sense, I’ll remember this course in Zenica because of the diversity it provided and the perfect activities that created a base to show that diversity.
4.My future plans connected with learning something more about peace educators are:
I’m planning to attend on other peace educations so that I can enlarge my vision and challenge my own perception of the world. Wherever I look from, this education was a positive moment in my life and therefore, it’d be great to have more positive moments in my life. Also, after having enough experience and required qualities, I’m planning to be a trainer in that area so that I can do my part in the process of the change of this world.