Model on United Nations Macedonia

The implementation of the project Macedonian Model United Nations (MMUN) U.S. Peace Corps in the implementation of the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, together with  young people from  10 youth (non-governmental) organizations and students from several high schools in various cities of Macedonia.
A group of young volunteers from Volunteers Centre Skopje were part of VCS Team on the  MMUN along with 100 young activists in  teams representing 13 countries – members of the United Nations.
Team on  VCS consists of 6 volunteers – delegates Jana Gjorgievska Alexandra Majstorska, Ines Vatic Todor Tefov Elena Danova and Alexandra Dumovska. Distributed in different committees – Advice represent global – political and social spheres of the country Brazil. Through research methods each delegate was tasked to present his committee-council through prepared Position paper on the state of the country’s council Brazil. The documents prepared delegates main MMUN Conference held on 7 June 2014.together with other delegates held Simulation UN General Assembly. Participants – Delegates of the simulation had the opportunity to debate and addressing the global issues affecting the United Nations. Team members VCS participation on this project can be proud of acquired new knowledge, skills and experience in writing resolutions and vote on the preamble, debating and certainly acquire new friendship.
Ines Vatic delegate on the  VCS  Team  has taken the title of Best Delegate of the committee that which  she represented –  Security Council.

“For the first time in my life, I have participated in this kind of  event which  for me was and still is one priceless experience gained through friendship and fun. That helped us to gain new experiences and knowledge,  a lot of  friends and opened the way to the importance of The United Nations for us and the advantages to be a part of it.” -Aleksandra Majstorska, Faculty of  Law ,, Iustinianus Primus”- Skopje.