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Nobody is free of stereotypes: Living Library 2nd edition

“I was surprise that I can also discriminate…” A comment from one of the book after the living library closed that made us think about the need of this kind of events. Events that give everyone a possibility to challenge their perception, stereotypes and made people realize that nobody is stereotype free. On 27 November 2014 it was for second time when the team of Volunteers Centre Skopje organized Living Library with main goal to show that in Skopje are living people with many different stories who see the city by different eyes – by eyes of vegan and animal rights activist, guy with Down syndrome, feminist, ex-alcoholics, person with handicap, EVS volunteer, Muslim girl wearing scarf, Jew, blind person, parkour guy, young entrepreneur, gay … “I was positively surprised by the event…” If you are now asking if the event met our expectations, our answer would be: “Yes, definitely…!” It was not just the feedback from the visitors that made us realize that this kind of events are needed and that people are open to explore new perspectives and listen to the stories of others. Moreover, it was feedback from the books – people who agree to share their stories with anyone who will ask them a question that made us motivated to continue to work and strengthened our decision to organize Living Libraries also in other cities all around Macedonia, hopefully next year.
At the end we would like to thank you to all – City Library ‘Braka Miladinovci’ for providing the space, the books themselves for their time and courage to face unexpected questions, the visitors who were brave enough to visit different type of library and especially we would like to thank you to our volunteers who made this event happened. Thank you to all and see you at Living Library in 2015!
Team of Volunteers Centre Skopje
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