Musical workshop of the children from Shuto orizari with Goran Alachki

Goran Alachki and Bajsa Arifovska at the day of the spring invited 16 children from the Centre for Social Initiatives “Nadez” and from the Day care Center for street children to attend professional musical workshop with them in Pioneer Hall, Skopje. This professional workshop, proposed by Goran Alachki, his music school and Bajsa Arifovska, was a great opportunity for these children from Suto Orizari to sing songs they learned over the last 9 months during  musical workshops implemented by Sarah Bastable from France, volunteer at Volunteers Centre Skopje through the European Voluntary Service of the Youth in Action programme. During this workshop each child had the honor to sing individually with these professional musicians!
The event took place on March 21st, from 13:00 до15: 00 at the Pioneer Hall.