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Meet Wijdane from France!

I’m Wijdane, but people around me like to call me Wij. I’m 26 years old and I’m from the west coast of France. Originally from Morocco and Algeria.

I love art, music and I like to think I’m a very creative person. According to my master’s degree I’m an expert in digital strategy and production. I used to work in a big firm but I wanted to find a working space with more meaning. I love what I do, so doing what I do best for a good cause is my purpose in life.

I’ve always loved challenges and always wanted to go abroad, but I was waiting for the perfect opportunity; going to Macedonia for VCS was such. An opportunity to grow and to help build a stronger society for young people. Create more possibilities and chances to dream and to learn about life itself. This is what I aspire to do.

Wijdane Brahimi

*In the frame of the Erasmus+ VET programme (Vocational Education and Training), Wijdane will do her practical engagement in our VCS office.

Sending organization: Cercle de Qualité