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Jasse, Finland

Meet Jasse, our new volunteer from Finland

I’m Jasse 20 years old, and I come from Iisalmi, Finland. When I was back at home, I felt that I had to decide whether to go back to school or start working. And what kind of. The year I will spend in Macedonia is the break I need to be able to decide that wisely.

I have never been to the Balkans, so the environment and people are totally new to me. I have been here just a few days, but it feels already like home. My first impressions about this country? I like it a lot! People here are kind, and most of them are open. And those mountains… they are so beautiful.

In Finland, in winter, I like to play ice hockey or watch ice hockey games. In summer, I replace hockey with volleyball and football. I already feel comfortable here because these people are awesome! Here are my last words: if you have the opportunity to do something that you like, you should do it! You always have the opportunity to return home, you can’t lose anything, but I promise you will enjoy your time abroad. Get out of your comfort zone, go with the flow, and do something you enjoy!

Jasse Heikkilä