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“L’apéro” in France

After being on two projects in France last year, our Veronica decided that her ESC project should be implemented in that country as well. And in the same place. So, Le Bouizon has been her home for two months now. And it will be almost until the end of the year. To hear her impressions below:

“We work on projects and workshops with the local population from the area. We also have the chance to work on personal projects, aside from volunteering. Personally, my favorite part is l’apéro (l’apéritif). Often by agreement or after the completion of a project with the locals comes the moment of an aperitif. It is a gathering of the type where everyone prepares or buys food and drinks and we gather together for a big lunch or dinner. Imagine it as in Macedonia where instead of the host preparing everything, everyone who comes brings something that we share later.

Last week we traveled to the Alps (Vonier), where there is another delegation from the same organization that Sem & Vol (my delegation) belongs to. We stayed there for five days with the volunteers of all the delegations from that organization (Solidarités Jeunesses), which allowed us to meet the other volunteers who are in different locations throughout France and to get an insight into their work in the delegations.

This volunteering allowed me (and still allows me) to get acquainted with many other cultures and lifestyles completely different from the one I have been acquainted with so far. I expect many more events and changes to come.”

Veronika Petrova