You are currently viewing ¡Hola Macedonia! The group of 7 VET students from Spain has arrived!

¡Hola Macedonia! The group of 7 VET students from Spain has arrived!

They arrived here at the end of May to do their internships in frames of VET program. We have talked with them a little about their first days impressions of Macedonia. After spending some time in their companies, they shared what a fun and ready for action group it is!

We welcome a group of students from Institut Cavall Bernat that just finished their degree in tourism. They are from Terrassa, Barcelona and are within the ages 19 to 25. The group of seven is formed by: Xavi, Nil, Carolina, David, Victor, Paula and Sheila.

At the beginning of this year their high school presented them the opportunity to do an internship in frames of Erasmus+ program. The group ended up going to Macedonia where they are placed in travel agencies, hotels and other related businesses. By providing an opportunity to work in international environment, compare and exchange best practice, the VET program (Vocational Education and Training) aims to strengthen the practical knowledge and skills of the students through performing practical activities in companies, institutions and private businesses that are interested in development of the future career of young people. Upon completing the practical work, the interns gain credits and certificates for successful completion of their internship in another country in the field related with their education. This group of students from Spain will expand their competences in the field of tourism in the next 2 months. Their Erasmus+ project has been managed by our partners-Association Mundus that is intermediary organization of their journey in Macedonia.

As they are saying, they came here to improve their language skills, meet new people, to see Macedonian wilderness and mostly to have a great work internship.

Xavi Monmany, 22

Straight from Sabadell to Skopje. When he talks about expectations for the time here, he states: “I want to have fun, learn English and to make the most of my time doing the internship”. Xavi thinks Macedonia is a beautiful country, people are great and the food is amazing.

Nil Bayod, 23

Always smiling boy who came to Macedonia from Terrassa. He wishes to enjoy for real the experience in Skopje and to grow with it after. Even though he thinks Macedonia can be a bit weird in the first weeks for the foreigners, still it is one of the best places he visited.

Carolina Vera, 25  

“Skopje has a lot of potential and if you look really close you will end up liking it”, she says after spending some time here. Carolina is coming from Sabadell, the same city as Xavi. Being in Macedonia gives her great opportunity to improve her language skills and meet new people.

David Valero, 25

Born in Terrassa but most of his early life he has spent in the village of Bagà. He was really hyped to see Macedonia. David loves meeting and talking to open-minded people who can bring some thoughtfulness into the conversation. Macedonia for him has a rich history and the youth really love their country.

Víctor Cuevas, 21

He was born in small but charming village – Vacarisses. “I wish to improve my English, meet new people and to learn about other cultures”, says when we ask him about his expectations for the next 2 months. Victor thinks Macedonia is a bit chaotic but also full of life that will make his experience better.

Sheila Lizcano, 19

One of the youngest people in the group. This experience for her is an opportunity to become more outgoing and more independent. She hasn’t seen much outside of Skopje but in the next few weeks she wants to explore more and to meet new people.

Paula Yébenes, 19

Originally from Sabadell but she lives in Barbera del Valles. Her aim here is to prepare for work and to meet a lot of people who can end up being her friends. “It’s strange country with different sides and the center feels safe and amazing”, she says after few days here.

We welcome our Spanish group and wish them the best time here!