You are currently viewing ¡Hola Macedonia! The group of 6 VET students from Spain has arrived!

¡Hola Macedonia! The group of 6 VET students from Spain has arrived!

Spanish people are in love with Macedonia. Another week and one more group of Spanish arrived to Skopje. This new group of 6 people from Barcelona will stay for 1 month working in different offices around the city, in different fields, like business, marketing and administration. Volunteers Centre Skopje will host them during their VET-projects. Let’s get to know a little bit about them?

Ema Utrilla Perez, 17 years old. During her childhood, she didn’t travel a lot although she had visited some countries near Spain. In free time, she loves listening to music and playing basketball or volleyball. She also enjoys learning languages a lot, so this is a great opportunity to discover more about other cultures and improve her speaking abilities in other languages.

For her Macedonia is an enjoyable country full of interesting places to visit and has a lot of beautiful landscapes that she really enjoys. History is also fascinating and the food here is so delicious!

“I am sure this will be an extraordinary experience. I will be able to get out of my comfort zone, gain independence and grow up as a person.”

Ema is having her internship in Volunteers Centre Skopje.

You Pommeret, 16 years old. Yes you read well her name, it’s “You”. Currently she is studying in a vocational training in commercial activities. In the future, she would like to work in the marketing area because her love for advertising, promotions, ads. Right now, she’s doing an Erasmus+ in Macedonia. You didn’t choose Macedonia, but in her opinion, Macedonia is a beautiful country with wonderful landscapes.

In free time she likes to read, cook and meet with her friends. She describes herself as a friendly person because she is very sociable and she likes to meet new people, to make new friends and to discover other cultures. Her expectations about this internship are: to be more independent, make new friends and assist and contribute to the company.

You is having her internship in ZAUM.

Carla Bertan, 17 years old, currently studying business and marketing. When she applied for Erasmus, she didn’t choose any country specific, but she is very happy to be in Macedonia. At first, it was a little bit shocking for her, because of the many differences comparing to Spain, “but to be honest, I like this city!”. She says: “The weather, it’s so weird, because it’s so hot, but it can rain at any time, people are very nice, and the history – it’s so interesting. So, I am happy with this option, and I wouldn’t change it.”

If she has to say just one word to describe herself, probably it would be “creative”, because she always loved drawing and painting and she believes that she’s a very creative person, and she also likes to think that she is kind, empathetic and open-minded.

Carla is having her internship in ZAUM.

Gerard Truyols, 17 years old. In his school it was suggested to him to go on the Erasmus+ project in Macedonia, and he was surprised that he has this opportunity. He thought that is a great adventure to grow up as a person, and you must get out of your comfort zone and get new experiences that you will never get in your country. He didn’t choose this place for his Erasmus, but Skopje is a very nice city, in his opinion. The culture and the history are one of the best things, but the best one is the food.

“This will be an amazing month I will most likely remember for the rest of my life. I am very excited to start working and to learn more about this fantastic country.”

Gerard is having his internship in ZAUM.

Martina Bordas, 16 years old, a commercial activities student and in the future her focus is on advertising and PR. Like the others, she applied for the Erasmus project, and Macedonia wasn’t her first choice, but she gave it a chance to come like it was the first option. During her time in Skopje, she will be working in the marketing department of a solar energy company, were she will be in charge to take care of social media channels of the company. A word that describes her is “empathetic”.

Martina is having her internship in Step Up – Talent Business Incubator.

Oriol Pou, 18 years old. He describes himself as a sport enthusiast, but in the future he would like to work on something related to commercial activities. He didn’t choose Macedonia, but like the others, he thought “Why not?” and there he is. If there is a word that fits him, that word is “sociable”.

Oriol is having his internship in Step Up – Talent Business Incubator.