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Experience is the teacher of all things

One of the most renowned quotes by Julius Caser could perfectly sum up the core purpose of the Erasmus+ organisation and its members who ceaselessly and diligently work to share their knowledge in a certain area while effectively promoting the values that define their characters and the programme as a whole.

As the youngest represent of Volunteers Centre Skopje of the project “Games for Social Entrepreneurship” that took place in Cyprus from 23 – 30 May, it is safe to say that I had a few concerns regarding my participation in such course. However, I soon discovered that I had nothing to worry about. Our accommodation although humble provided us a pleasant and comfortable stay that led to a better working atmosphere, more productivity and better results. Besides the helpful working staff, the welcoming nature of the locals in Larnaca made us feel at home. The natural resources of the country that we were lucky enough to visit were captivating and will definitely stay in our memories for a very long time.

Even from the start, it was evident that the training course will be done professionally, innovatively and resourcefully. Social entrepreneurship is a major part of our society and its sustainability, it defines the approach of individuals and groups who try to create and fund an idea in order to help resolving cultural, social and environmental issues. As a curious young individual, invested in the problems of modern society, getting to know the essential elements of social enterprise, the necessary skills for creating a successful business idea as well as the main faces of famous social enterprise business was of great importance for my further development. The organisers made sure that our time was covered with engaging activities, games and discussions while also leaving enough room for us, the participants to get to know each other better, relax, explore the surroundings and pursue our interests. Having an ideal mix of work and free time we were able to enjoy ourselves in every way possible.

Speaking on my behalf, the best part of this adventure, were the friends I made along the way. Although I am not very experienced, I was given the chance to expand my social network, get a real insight in other cultures and traditions, but most importantly create strong bonds with many amazing and unique people, dear friends that shaped me into a better person and will always be a part of me and my memories.

Living through these types of experiences gives us a chance to broaden our minds and open our hearts. It gives us the possibility to truly explore who we are, and to reach our potential to the fullest. And for those who are too anxious to get out of the comfort zone and try something new, I would like to encourage them to take a leap of faith and believe the many amazing stories and experiences that have already been told. In the words of the wise Abraham Lincoln:

“Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forward.”

Iva Krajoska