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EVS in VCS: Rami

Name: Ramona
Country: Czech Republic
Dates of the Project: 25.09.2012 – 25.6.2013
Ahoj! They call me Rami and I came from Czech Republic to Skopje to help and get new experiences. I live in a small city called Jablonec nad Nisou which is surrounded by mountains and during the school year I live in Prague which is more or less big like Skopje. So this place is for me like a combination of my hometown and the capital and I like it a lot. Macedonia was the right choice for me because I have been many times in the west Europe but I was always curious about Balkan culture and traditions because when I met some Balkan people they seemed like having something special what we don’t have and I wanted to live it too. Being an EVS is for me as an opportunity to learn new things and at the same time help the others. I chose this project because still don’t know what exactly I want to do in my life and I always wanted to know how is to make a magazine and because I like to design and I have some stories to say. So I wanted to give it a try when it is still not a serious job. The other activity, which is visiting Roma kids, is really special for me because I have no experience with taking care of children and like this I can learn from it a lot. I am happy that this project includes even learning Macedonian which looks like fun because of the special alphabet. I can’t wait to use my skills and creativity to do something for the others and maybe make their life happier.