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EVS in VCS: Daniel

Why I decided to become EVS?
The reason why I am EVS is that I couldn´t find a job in my country, and if I  can´t find nothing to do in my country, why not to do something in another country. I think it is a good opportunity to learn about other culture, to make new friendships and to share experience. This is the second time I am doing EVS, the first time it was short time EVS last spring in Macedonia. Why I chose Macedonia to make my EVS?
The first time I chose because two friends of mine did EVS short-term project last year, and they told me good things about the project and about the country. Now I came back because I really enjoyed the first, short term project, but after that I  tought why not to make a long term project?  Because I think 2 months is not enough time to get known the country and I loved that 2 months.

Why I chose Macedonia to make my second EVS?
Well, I could have chosen another country but i loved Macedonian culture, which is a bit different than Portuguese and Western European countries.