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EVS in VCS: Awa

Why I decided to become EVS? Hi everybody !! my name’s Awa, I come France, La Ciotat; It’s a small town near Marseille … yeaaaaah Olympique de Marseille (OM) lol …  I love football as you can see … 🙂 Why Macedonia ?? I’m here for the project about VOICES magazine and to meet some NGO and association because i’m make Anthropology studies and i want to discover an other culture, history, meet some people. Macedonia is a very beautiful country with a complicated history and passed … I like the Macedonians because they’re a little by crazy lol but they’re sociable and smoothie 😉 I’m very excited to learn fast the languages and to know the country and the history … But for the moment, i’m very cooooold, so i will wait the beautiful day ….