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EVS in VCS: Ecological workshops with Roma teenagers

With the help of Katarzina, a volunteer from Kreaktiv, we started during the summer 2011 a cooperation with non – profit organization called Sumnal. We  organized ecological workshops with Roma teenagers. We did two workshops. The first one happened in the park as a treasure hunt, and the second one in the office of Sumnal, located in part of city called Topana. We taught children through games and theater which kind trees we have, how trees are important for humans and how we can’t live without them! Then we did some workshops about garbage – how long does it take for trashes to disappear in the nature, why we should think about recycling etc. After we stopped to cooperate with Sumnal as they did not need that much help from us we decided to continue with our workshops with organization called Caritas located in Sutka. We did the same kind of workshops which we did with Sumnal, meaning to learn to teenagers why nature is important for us, how to proof them, and then explain them that we should take care of our planet, otherwise the human will disappear if we don’t take care of our behavior. Beside these workshops we were also planning to organize a Cleaning Day in the Gazi Baba hill, as a treasure hunt, with 2  – 3 teams, when children will need to pick up the garbage and the team which brings the most garbage win a price! Written by EVS volunteer from France Elise Namir.