EVS outgoing

VCS, in 5 years of accreditation for EVS volunteers, has sent more than 70 domestic volunteers, in the countries all over Europe. The most open and interested countries for EVS volunteers from Macedonia are the countries from the near surroundings, like Bulgaria and Slovenia, the central European countries, like Germany and Poland, and the Baltic countries, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. We also sent volunteers to France, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Croatia and many others… Till 2009 and the visa liberalization, one of the biggest challenges was to obtain the visa for the EU countries. Also, the South East region of Europe, where Macedonia belongs, wasn’t so good known and accepted, by the other parts of Europe. With the visa liberalization and the getting closer of some countries from SEE to EU, we have more and more open EVS projects for Macedonian citizens in the European countries. Looking from the other side, in the past couple of years we have opening up from the young people in Macedonia toward the world, so now I may say that we have more interested and self-initiated young people, who know the benefit from the program and want to become EVS volunteers in Europe, as soon as possible.