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E-learning platform F.O.R.Z.A.

Explore our innovative e-learning platform, full of valuable knowledge, fascinating tips, and tricks. Unlock a world of learning possibilities through the Erasmus+ KA2 “Fewer Opportunities Re-thinking Z to A F.O.R.Z.A.” project.


  • Module 1 covers the professional use of cameras and smartphone cameras, optimizing and adjusting video and sound to produce high-quality media products, live coverage of events and broadcasting, structuring and production of professional interviews.
  • Module 2 explains the European legal framework of Intellectual Property Law in the digital media sector.
  • Module 3 is an introduction to business planning with lessons relevant to social media, pricing, making offers and client approach.
  • Module 4 is a detailed course on practical ethics and ethical dilemmas resolution and mentorship availability.
  • Module 5 covers storytelling, creation of engaging content on TikTok and marketing tips and tricks for Gen Z and Millenials.


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